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There are few tools provided along the PEM which can be found in the directory LMDZ.MARS/deftank/pem/. In this place, a README file gives insights about the different files that this directory contains.

Here the current tools available in this directory for the PEM are described:

Setting the orbital parameters (pre-processing)

The bash script allows to modify the orbital parameters in a file, that is obliquity, eccentricity, Ls perihelion and the initial Ls. It is useful when one wants a chained simulation to start at a specific date. In this case, the orbital parameters should be consistent with Laskar's data in obl_ecc_lsp.asc which can be found in the aforementioned directory.

Merging the PEM outputs (post-processing)

The bash script allows to concatenate along the variable 'Time' all the "diagpem" files (PEM outputs) into one NetCDF file. 'Time' is re-indexed with the numbering of Martian years simulated by the PEM run. It is useful if one wants to visualize and analyse the evolution of variables during all the PEM runs of the chained simulation.