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As explained on the page Contrôle qualité, a number of quality control checks of the code are run every night to ensure that nothing was broken by the most recent commits to the svn depository (note that only the trunk version of the code is tested by this procedure).

This note explains what to do if those regular tests reveal that the code is broken.

The checks are launched by the script which prepares the distribution version of the code and then lauches, which actually launches the quality checks. The results of the tests are synthesized in one line and recorded in the file Readme. Each line of this file (besides the comments) gives the version of the code being tested, its corresponding svn revision number and the results of the different checks (as explained in the file and the page Contrôle qualité).

How to debug a failed quality check

Once a failed quality check is established, one should look in the file LISMOI.trunk to find out which version of the code caused a problem (for example 20211105.trunk). One can then find the output of the quality control check in the directory:


with the actual output file of the script in


(lmdz-cq:/tmp/lmdz/LMDZ20211105.trunk and lmdz-cq:~lmdz/WWW/Distrib/WORK/check.out.20211105.trunk respectively in our example). This output file is also accessible on internet.

One can then go through the script comparing with the different output to find out what went wrong. Tests of correction can actually be done in the